THE O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL: Classic CIA-Directed Hollywood Production

Distribuie!by loading... As I have done with the other events I have recently unwound for you, I will present you with the clues you may have missed so far. If they jog something in your head, great. On the other hand, if you prefer the mainstream story, feel free to […]

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As I have done with the other events I have recently unwound for you, I will present you with the clues you may have missed so far. If they jog something in your head, great. On the other hand, if you prefer the mainstream story, feel free to keep it. I no longer have any use for it.Instead of looking at this event through the eyes of the controlled media, here you will be forced to look at it through the eyes of a real investigator. I will circle and highlight the things you may have missed the first thousand times. I will show that you missed them because they were surrounded with noise and flashing lights. You couldn’t see them or hear them in the smoke and din. Here we will ignore the circus and just look at the facts.We will start at the very beginning. Orenthal James Simpson was born in 1947. What else was born in 1947? That’s right, our old friend the CIA. This early in the investigation, you will no doubt dismiss that as a coincidence. Later, you won’t. After his famous career as a football running back, Simpson went to Hollywood to become an actor. Who runs Hollywood? That’s right, our old friend the CIA. Consult my paper on the Manson murders for more on that: I won’t cover all that evidence again here.

In 1993, Simpson had a supporting role in a movie called CIA, codename Alexa. Just another coincidence, right? Not really, as you will see. And neither is the word “Alexa.” A web search on Alexa tells you the name means “defender of man,” or that the computer company Alexa founded in 1996 based the name on the Library of Alexandria. Both are misdirections. The right answer is that the CIA has long liked and used the name Alexa, and that the computer company of that name is a CIA front. Remember, the web was originally created by Intelligence as a tool of Intelligence, both to collect data and to disseminate it. Alexa is now used as the basis for web searches as well as for the Wayback Machine, which has stored terabytes of information. But the reason Intelligence likes the word is easy to see if you write it like this:

The CIA code : A— LEX—A

Lex means law in Latin, and Intelligence sees itself as A LAW unto itself. It does whatever it wants, including faking murders and faking trials. If you don’t believe that, I suggest you read my other recent papers before getting any further into this one, including the papers on Manson, the Zodiac, the Unabomber, Watergate, Johnny Hovey, Lennon, Lincoln, Walt Whitman, the Beat poets, and Hemingway. This paper is just a continuation of those, and can’t be fully appreciated without them.

The CIA …:)

Capricorn One de John Moore avec Sam Waterston, James Brolin, O.J. Simpson, 1978 (Simpson fut accuse du meurtre de son ex femme Nicole Brown Simpson et de son compagnon (retrouves morts le 12 juin 1994)

Simpson also appeared in the 1978 movie Capricorn One, which is about faking a Mars landing. Catalog that. Do not let it slip by you. It is about faking a major event. The movie was based on theories the Moon landing was a hoax. Audiences loved it, since after Watergate they liked any confirmation they were being lied to by the government. But there are curious things rarely mentioned about the movie. One, NASA cooperated with the producers, lending them equipment. Why would they do that? We are told the movie was independent, but it was distributed by Warner Brothers and produced by ITC and Paul Lazarus. Even weirder is what director Peter Hyams later said about Capricorn One:

OJ Simpson was in it, and Robert Blake was in (Hyams’ first feature) Busting. I’ve said many times: some people have AFI Lifetime Achievement awards; some people have multiple Oscars; my bit of trivia is that I’ve made films with two leading men who were subsequently tried for the first degree murder of their wives.

Another strange coincidence, right? Nope. When you finish this paper, you can take another look at Robert Blake as well.

Keep reminding yourself that all these people are actors. You are watching a play. They were hired to fill a role, as in their other jobs. The CIA hires pros just like anyone else would. All the people in the Tate/Manson event were actors. Remember what the assistant district attorney in the Manson trial said about Susan Atkins: “She’s better than Sarah Bernhardt.” Well, Simpson wasn’t better than Lawrence Olivier, but he did his job. He probably fooled you.

Before we move on, let me answer my own question. Why did NASA cooperate with Capricorn One? Damage control. The movie was conceived of and promoted by the government itself. They weren’t confirming the Moon landing was a hoax, of course. No, they were taking an idea which they knew was already in the head of the nation and trying to turn it subtly away from its target. They were planting this idea in the heads of those watching the film:

Yes, the government might be corrupt enough to plan something like this, but they could never get away with it because too many good and honest people (like Elliott Gould) would expose it. It involves too many uncontrollable factors and unpredictable outcomes for any agency to get away it.

At the end of Capricorn One, the hoax is exposed. That is the crucial element of the film, not the hoax itself. Just as with Watergate, these things eventually come out of the dark. Or this is what the audience of Capricorn One was meant to conclude, and most of them did conclude just that. They thought that they had gotten to the bottom of Watergate with Nixon’s demise, and they were assured by Capricorn One that if something fishy had gone on with the Moon Landing, that would also come out eventually. The fact that nothing did come out on the Moon Landing, either before or after 1978, seemed to confirm to most people that the Moon Landing was real.

This is the go-to misdirection to this day, for all conspiracy theories. After 911, they used the same misdirection, leading most debunkings with the idea that with so many people involved and so many intangibles, secrecy could never be maintained. That’s nonsense, of course, but it fools most people. Most people don’t want to believe in faked events, so they are pretty easy to deflect with false reasoning like this.

The truth is, secrecy isn’t maintained. There are leaks, and many people know the truth. Others find out the truth. But that doesn’t matter because total secrecy isn’t necessary. All that is necessary is that the leaks aren’t reported by the mainstream press. As long as the government and press stonewall and deny, the majority of people aren’t going to move past a certain point. The CIA learned a long time ago that a small percentage of activists can be ignored, because the masses won’t follow them. Most people will follow the majority, no matter where it goes. That is why it is called the majority. Because of that, Intelligence only needs to manufacture the majority opinion. In other words, the majority of people don’t even need to believe something, they only need to be told that a majority believe it. That is enough to stop them from acting on their own beliefs or suspicions. The government doesn’t poll the public to discover a majority opinion, at least not on important topics. The government just creates a majority opinion and publishes it. Most people then believe it—or at least believe it is the majority opinion—simply because they saw it published. Even if they don’t share the opinion, they believe they are in a minority, and therefore powerless.

You see, in this way, the governors can cleverly stop majorities. To stop a majority, all you have to do is prevent it from realizing it is a majority. In a so-called democracy, this is enough to stall it, since people have been taught from childhood to bow to greater numbers. If you get outvoted, you are supposed to back down. So the governors simply tell a majority it is a minority, and it immediately loses steam.

For example, I think a majority of real people now believe 911 was manufactured in some way, but even when the mainstream reports on this “conspiracy theory,” they report that some minority of kooks believes it. The word “kook,” with any number under 50% is enough to stall most people. Most people won’t even think of getting off the couch until the number hits 51%, and even if 100% of everyone they have ever talked to indicates they believe it, they will still be stalled if the media tells them they are in a minority. They will believe the media over their own eyes and ears.

But back to Simpson. He was also in the last three Naked Gun movies, including Naked Gun 33 1/3 : the Final Insult. That title alone should have always seemed curious to you, seeing that the previous movie was Naked Gun 2 1⁄2. To continue the logic of that joke, we should have gotten Naked Gun 3 1/3. We are told that the 33 1/3 is a reference to the speed of a vinyl LP, but I don’t see the joke or the connection there. What does a vinyl LP have to do with anything in the movie or the title? The reference isn’t to a vinyl LP, it is a reference to numerology, which Intelligence loves for its own reasons. We have seen the number 33 coming up over and over in these faked events. And we find it coming up again in this one a bit later, when Simpson is finally sentenced to 33 years for assault and robbery in 2008.

But perhaps the biggest pre-event red flag is Simpson’s last movie before the alleged murders, Frogmen. Completed just a few months before the murders and also produced by Warner Brothers, this was the pilot for an A-Team-type TV series featuring Navy SEALs. Simpson played the character of John Bullfrog Burke, and he was a major character, sort of like Mr. T was in the A-Team. Listen to what Wikipedia tells us about the link between Frogmen and the Simpson trial:

NBC executive Warren Littlefield said in July 1994 that the network would probably never air the pilot if Simpson were convicted; if he were acquitted, however, one television journalist speculated that “Frogmen would probably be on the air before the NBC peacock could unfurl its plume.”

The opinion of this journalist Tom Jicha should be highly suggestive to you, and I suggest we linger on it a while. It is the sort of thing you would expect to be whitewashed off of Wikipedia, so my assumption is someone is trying to give us a clue here. It looks like it was inserted on Wiki more recently, when the Wiki police were no longer on full alert about the Simpson trial.

First, who is Tom Jicha?

22 years at the [South Florida] Sun-Sentinel, 17 before that at the now defunct Miami News, the last eight as TV/radio writer. I am a former president of the Television Critics Association and one of the senior members of the TV press corps.

So Jicha isn’t just some local nobody. In the pre-trial article in which he said that from July of 1994, he is probably divulging the common opinion of media insiders. In this case, it appears he simply said a bit too much. I suggest to you that not only was that exactly what NBC had planned—before the event ballooned beyond their expectations—but that the event was created for that very purpose (among others). In other words, it looks to me like one premeditated outcome of this event was the promotion of this TV series. The plan was always for a televised trial and acquittal, which NBC hoped to use as extreme advertising for Frogmen. Had other (larger) players in the scheme not decided to blow the event up beyond initial plans, it would have achieved that purpose admirably. Unfortunately for NBC, the event became so large and so long, it couldn’t be used along those lines. So that tack had to ultimately be abandoned. Of course this was distressing to Simpson, since that probably is the only reason he agreed to it Frogmen was supposed to be the biggest thing on his resume, and although the trial turned out to be a big part for him, too, it didn’t exactly endear him to America like Mr. T. We may assume Intelligence paid him extremely well for his part, and continued to take care of him, but even so, we must imagine he would have preferred to become a household name for Frogmen. Given the choice of beloved TV personality or hated Intelligence asset thought to be a murderer, most of us would choose the former.

Before we move on, let’s look quickly at Simpson’s character in Frogmen. His name was John Burke, as I already mentioned. I encourage you to look up John Burke in the history encyclopedia. He was a famous Confederate spy for General Lee during the Civil War. He later became Adjutant General of Texas. Knowing what we now know, it is curious that they decided to name Simpson’s character after a famous spy. The Frogman John Burke isn’t a spy, he is a SEAL. So the connection is to Simpson himself, not to his character.

Now let us skip past the alleged murders for a moment and look at the lead-up to the trial. This is where we get some of our most obvious evidence this was all faked. A grand jury was called but then dismissed two days later due to excessive media coverage. You have to be kidding me. No lawyer would believe this, since this isn’t how it works. A grand jury is called only to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. They don’t have to make any judgments of guilt or innocence, so dismissing a grand jury due to media coverage is both illogical and unprecedented.

Grand juries are normally slow in major murder cases, since they have to study a lot of evidence Theymay sit for a month, six months, or even a year. It is clear the Simpson grand jury was dismissed not for the reasons we are told, but because it was not moving quickly enough for the script and plot. The producers needed to get Simpson to trial court as soon as possible and turn on the cameras.

If you take that last link, you will see more strangeness. I found it by searching on “grand jury.” It is the second link that comes up after Wikipedia. Although it is a university website, notice how it mentions the Simpson trial many times, including a mention in the first sentence. Very strange. It also contains obvious misdirection. Here is what the author says:

The prosecutors were going to ask a grand jury to charge Simpson with murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, but the defense attorneys persuaded the court that the grand jurors had heard too much about the case to be able to make an impartial decision. That is, the defense attorneys filed a motion saying the grand jurors were too prejudiced by what they had seen on television and read in the papers to be able to review the evidence against Mr. Simpson impartially, the way a trial juror should. The judge agreed with the defense attorneys, which is very unusual. Normally, defense attorneys fail when they try to claim that a grand jury is biased. Courts reject these claims on the theory that all the grand jury does is bring charges, so even if a grand jury is biased, the person they charge can still prove their innocence at trial. But a California judge bought the defense’s argument in the case of O.J. Simpson (perhaps because of the extraordinary publicity surrounding Mr. Simpson) and, instead of trying to start over with a new grand jury, the prosecutors used another method to charge Simpson with the murders.

I say that is misdirection rather than a lie, because although it is true, it isn’t the whole truth and isn’t nothing but the truth. What he should say is that defense attorneys don’t even try that motion, because

it never works It doesn’t work because the jurors were already screened for prejudice going in. You have probably been selected for jury duty, so you know how it works. Both attorneys screen potential jurors, and the defense is looking for jurors who haven’t been watching TV 12 hours a day for the past few weeks. They actually ask each juror what he or she knows about the case, whether they are biased, and so on. So an attorney who then complained that the jurors were biased would be told by the judge that he should have selected different jurors. That is the way it works in real life.

Besides, how could a grand jury juror know too much? The job of such a juror is to sort evidence, and in sorting evidence you can always throw out stuff that doesn’t fit all the other evidence. So you could hardly know too much. Even if one or more jurors had been spun by media coverage, a good attorney should be able to despin him or her in short order, simply by presenting real evidence. Jurors know that the press is one thing and that police and witnesses and attorneys are (supposed to be) another thing. Once you come to court, you put all the hearsay in the press aside. People know that.

But even if all that weren’t true, the method for curing a biased jury is not permanently dismissing the grand jury and switching to a probable cause hearing. You ask for a continuance or a change of venue. You then select another grand jury in a different precinct or city, and tighten the restrictions. Since they were in California, we may assume California required a grand jury for a first-degree murder charge. Well, a judge can’t simply waive such a requirement. The requirement is statutory, not discretionary, so the judge can’t just switch from grand jury to probable cause hearing because he finds it convenient. Probable cause hearings are used in States and Countries that don’t require grand juries. They are not used in States that do, as a convenient back-up method. California either required grand juries in 1994 or it didn’t.

I looked for a weblink to give you to prove this, and finally found this. See footnote 1, which sends us to California Penal Code 682 PC, which states the rule. If that is still not clearly stated for you, try thislink to a Florida attorney’s site, which states it in plain English: All first-degree murder cases must be presented to a grand jury. This is the norm in all US States, and the reason is that it goes back to the establishment of the grand jury by Henry II in 1166, and its odification by the Magna Carta in 1215. The grand jury was created specifically to prevent charges being brought by powerful individuals at their own discretion.

In the Simpson case, Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell ruled after only one week that Simpson should be tried. Since she is just one person, that conflicts with the Magna Carta and all law since then. I hope you see we have a red flag even with her. It is in that name: Kennedy. We know the Kennedys are powerful individuals in a powerful family. Who is Kathleen Kennedy-Powell?

The fact that she has the same name as JFK’s little sister and RFK’s daughter is curious. It is difficult to get any good information on her online, but I did find she was at Loyola Marymount—which of course indicates she is probably Catholic like the famous Kennedys. She is said to have been admitted in 1977, which doesn’t really jive with her reported age of 62. She would have been 25 in 1977.

[Addendum, January, 2016: I found no pictures of Kathleen Kennedy-Powell online and no bios. The first time I ran this research, I did find Kathleen Kennedy, the famed Hollywood producer. However, I thought at the time there was no way she and Kennedy-Powell could be the same person. Now, I am not so sure. Kathleen Kennedy has been in the news recently for the Star Wars film that just came out—since she is now the president of LucasFilms—and I noticed something strange. She is the same age as Kathleen Kennedy-Powell. They both live in LA. Her father is a retired Supreme Court judge in California. She has a twin sister. Her sister also works in Hollywood, as a location manager. And there is more.

What was she doing in 1994? Well, she founded the Kennedy/Marshall Production company in 1992. If you check the filmography of this company, you find a strange gap from 1995 to 1999. She and Marshall were very busy with that company up until 1994, and then did almost nothing with it until 1998. You will notice I subtracted a year from both numbers: that is because they produce movies before they come out, of course. A movie that is released in 1995 will have been produced in 1994. So Kathleen Kennedy did a lot less production work from 1994 to 1998 than before and after that period. Strange, no? We will see that the entire Simpson event was staged, including all the trials and pre-trials. Was this event produced by Kennedy/Marshall Production Company, with Kathleen Kennedy playing the part of fake judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell? Quite possibly. Maybe she had her father giving her pointers. We have seen again and again that these people don’t find it necessary to change their names, even while running these hoaxes. They think so little of your intelligence that they know they don’t need to bother.]

You may be interested to know that Kennedy-Powell also presided in the Sante Kimes conviction in Los Angeles in 2005. Kimes was convicted for murder in both New York and LA in 2000 and 2005. Both convictions are full of red flags and appear to be more fake events. For instance, in the New York conviction for murder of Irene Silverman, the jury found Kimes guilty on a first unanimous poll despite the fact that there was no body, despite the fact that Kimes had been gagged by the judge, and despite the fact that Kimes had been prevented from talking to her own attorneys by the judge. The judge even told the jury that Kimes was attempting to influence them, and prevented legal cross-examination. Do you really think it is illegal for a defendant to influence her own jury? Kennedy-Powell also prevented Kimes from talking to the media after the jury had been sequestered, which is extremely unusual and likely unprecedented.

The LA trial for murder of David Kazdin was equally strange, the story being that “Kimes convinced a notary to forge Kazdin’s signature on an application for a loan of $280,000.” When Kazdin found out and threatened to turn them in, Kimes ordered her son to murder him. This time there was no murder weapon, and the judge (Kennedy-Powell) again gagged Kimes. In both trials Kimes was convicted when her son turned on her. Both times his testimony was critical. This is pertinent, since Kenneth Kimes’ actions were highly suspicious in both events After his conviction for murder in New York, Kenneth did an interview with Court TV reporter Maria Zone. During the interview he suddenly took her hostage, pressing a pen to her throat. Guards eventually separated them. But what you should ask is this: how did Zone get an interview with a convicted murderer? Convicted murderers aren’t allowed interviews, and this is why. Murderers are allowed to talk to clergy, immediate family, attorneys, and law enforcement, and no one else. Therefore, we have evidence the interview and hostage taking was staged. If the interview was staged, all the rest probably was as well.

You should also remember that Court TV came into prominence with the televised Menendez and Simpson trials. So it was a major player in these faked trials from the beginning. We see that Kennedy-Powell wasn’t the only link between the Simpson trial and the Kimes trial Court TV was another link. In 2008, Court TV was relaunched as TruTV, so you should also look on all programming from TruTV as compromised, including Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. It would appear that Jesse is part of controlled opposition.

Court TV was started by TimeWarner and NBC. It is still owned by TimeWarner Time has been closely allied to the government and military intelligence from its beginnings in 1923. It was started by Henry Luce, a Yale Skull and Bones guy from an Intelligence family. His father’s front had been as a Presbyterian missionary in China, but he was really a spy. He was later a professor at the Kennedy School of Missions in Connecticut, probably another front.

Hmmm. Kennedy coming up again. I will be told that is John Stewart Kennedy, Jekyll Island billionaire who is no relation to the other Kennedys. Then why couldn’t I find any confirmation of that? Why is John Stewart Kennedy’s genealogy hidden? Why aren’t we told who his father or mother were, as is usual in encyclopedia entries? For instance, Joseph Kennedy’s father and grandfather are stated on Wikipedia, going all the way back to 1823. Since there is so much mystery about John Stewart Kennedy’s family, as well as his business before and during the Civil War, I will assume something important is being hidden on purpose. Since Kathleen Kennedy-Powell’s bio is also being hidden, I will assume the same of her. I will assume all these people are related until shown proof they aren’t.

But back to Kennedy-Powell’s ruling in the Simpson case.

An example of something which appears to have happened naturally is the O.J. Simpson case, which was planned based on previous murder scenarios which had been successfully covered up. O.J. Simpson was a CIA mind-controlled slave, and the entire Simpson case was concocted as an elaborate effort to cause racial tensions. The Mishpucka, the CIA, the Mob and the Illuminati have all had their dirty hands involved in the entire affair. The entire affair reeks of manipulation and planning.

OJ Simpson is a total mind controlled slave aka programmed multiple. His mother worked at a state hospital and he was programmed. Watch the movie “Naked Gun” and you can see that the illuminati tell us the truth disguised as fiction all the time.

It is not the goal of this paragraph to go into the case, but just to drop a couple details. Joey Ippolito, Jr. is both CIA & Mob. Ippolito at one time lived in Hallendale, FL, a mob housing subdivision which was protected by a police force run by the mob.

He has helped run drugs and wet ops for “the Combination” which interconnects with the Illuminati. O.J. Simpson’s friend Cowlings worked for Joey Ippolito, as well as O.J. Simpson.


Simpson distributed cocaine for Joey Ippolito & the Combination. Simpson’s lawyer also is tied to the Illuminati, the CIA, and the mob. One of his lawyers on TV said the trial reeked of government corruption. Nicole Simpson lived next door to Carl Colby (former CIA director Bill Colbys son).

Carl Colby ..THE FILMAKER –

Carl Colby

Colby’s wife (Catherine Boe) and kids have been subjected to mind-control. Colby’s wife testified in O.J. Simpson’s trial, but was addressed as “Miss Boe” rather than by her name.

Colby’s wife ((Catherine Boe) testified in O.J. Simpson’s

An example of how mind-control and its role in manipulation of events has been covered up by the perpetrators is an article written in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in the Sept. 11, 1967, Vol. 201, No. 11 issue.( The article, which was submitted to the magazine from three CIA doctors (Mark, Sweet, and Ervin), claims that riots are caused by brain disease. While the article is correct in the subpoint that only a small percentage of underprivileged urban dwellers participate in many of the riots, the article’s thesis is obviously a slide to prevent people from catching on that the small number of deviants who create riots might be under mind-control or might have some other motivation beyond simply being brain-diseased. Any deception, whether it is an exaggeration or an understatement of the NWO’s capabilities is considered a useful deception for the Illuminati’s double-agents to spread. The german battleship the Bismarck was sunk due to a little lie sent to Germany by a double-agent which underestimated the range of British radar. The Germans, thinking they were out of British radar range, made some bad decisions that cost them the battleship.

During the week Kennedy-Powell was deciding—as a non-statutory one-woman grand jury—whether to send the case to trial, Kennedy-Powell did some very strange things. To start with, she cited a 1989 California appeals court ruling she found in her research, a decision that was not mentioned in either the defense or prosecution’s briefs. A judge is normally expected to view and consider evidence, not investigate the crime herself. It would be like a grand juror going to the law library and researching old rulings in his spare time. In other words, it isn’t done. Kennedy-Powell then used that ruling to allow the prosecution to enter evidence they had collected at Simpson’s home without a warrant, apparently violating his 4th amendment rights. Police investigators had gone to the Simpson home, telling the judge that they were just checking on Simpson’s safety. While there, they “found” evidence which they then entered in the probable cause hearing.

Since the ruling she cited, People v. Cain, concerned police who decided there might be a further victim, it is difficult to see how she connected that case to the Simpson case. Was she saying the officers believed there was another victim at the Simpson home? Was there any reason for them to think Simpson had killed another person there, or was about to kill himself ? No. Despite that, “Kennedy-Powell explained that evidence in the Simpson case showed that the search was legal because it had not exceeded the bounds necessitated by the emergency the officers reasonably perceived.” How’s that? What emergency did the officers reasonably perceive, beyond their own emergency to plant and find fake evidence? According to Kennedy-Powell, “Officers feared something was amiss at Simpson’s home when no one answered the door there. Had they not entered as they did, she argued, ‘we would justifiably call them derelict in their duty.’” Come again? Not answering the door qualifies as an emergency? If not answering the door qualifies as an emergency, no officer will ever need a warrant again.

Since I will prove this whole trial was faked, including this hearing, we have to wonder if Kennedy-Powell’s ruling can stand as precedent for future decisions? Do fake trials count in the law books? I suppose they must, which means the Simpson trial was not only dangerous for itself—as piece of propaganda—it was dangerous as a legal precedent. This may have been one more premeditated plan by those behind the hoax. Beyond creating racial tension, diverting attention away from real news, and advertising for Frogmen , it looks like this trial also served to help destroy the Constitution. All these fake trials set precedent just like real trials, but because they are presided over by Hollywood judges, all law and logic can be ignored. These manufactured judges can just insert whatever they like into future law books. It would be like legal precedent being decided by episodes of Perry Mason “Your Honor, I would like to cite Perry Mason, year 2, episode 12.”

This method is fairly brilliant, I have to admit, because it prevents any appeal. You can’t appeal a grand jury decision, since it isn’t a court decision. For the same reason, you can’t appeal a judge’s finding in a probable cause hearing like this, especially when the defendant is ultimately found not guilty. You can’t appeal a not-guilty verdict, or any part of it, for obvious reasons. The defendant isn’t going to appeal it, because he got off, and the prosecution can’t appeal because that would be double jeopardy. Therefore, any ruling by a judge will stand and can later be used as legal precedent. It is all sneaky in the extreme, especially when used in a fake trial.

Please notice that Kennedy-Powell’s decisions to allow the evidence to stand over the 4th amendment clearly shows extreme prejudice. It shows she wished Simpson to stand trial and that she would do anything to make sure that happened, including doing her own legal research and pushing of evidence. If they had been smart, they would have had one of the prosecuting attorneys enter People v. Cain as precedent, rather than have Kennedy-Powell do it. But in the rush they goofed it, and some outside reporter noticed it. So we now have it as evidence the judge was hired to guarantee the case went to trial.

Some will say, “Since you have said that the script called for an acquittal of Simpson, why would the hearing judge be pushing for a trial? Isn’t she pushing in the opposite direction of the ultimate verdict?” Well, yes, she is, but you have to understand they wanted an acquittal after the trial, not a complete dismissal of the trial. The whole point of the event was to create a big media circus that diverted the audience away from more important things, propagandizing them with racial hatred and many other things. So they had to go to trial, and they had to go as soon as possible.

I will then be asked, “If that is so, why allow this 4th amendment controversy in the first place? If the CIA or whoever was controlling both sides, then all they have to do is prevent the defense from challenging the evidence.” The problem with that is that since the proceedings were already being reported in the media, everyone knew the evidence had been collected in very curious circumstances. The newspapers had already reported it. They needed to report the evidence collected at Simpson’s house, for obvious reasons, and many people were bound to ask how that collection was legal given that no search warrant was issued. The judge’s finding answered that question. “So why not just have a fake judge issue a fake search warrant? Wouldn’t that have solved this problem before it ever arose?” Yes, that would have been the logical thing to do, but it appears they were in a hurry to get this event to trial as quickly as possible, which is why they illegally ditched the grand jury and held the probable cause hearing in just a week. So they were sloppy with this part of the script. A few people in the local press who weren’t controlled noticed some of the holes and they had to be filled later.

Now let’s move ahead to the trial itself. We will start with the fact it was televised. Remember above where we were told the grand jury was dismissed due to excessive media coverage. Do you think the best way to solve that problem is by televising the trial proceedings? Don’t we have a grand contradiction right there? Do you really think the best way to stop a media circus is to create an even bigger media circus? This one contradiction is enough to blow the entire event. As soon as the trial was televised, everyone should have immediately known it was fake.

Remember, there are statutes forbidding cameras in the courtroom. That is why they have court artists, you know? Again, this is statutory, meaning there are laws on the books. It isn’t discretionary. It isn’t something a judge can simply allow based on his or her own authority. Therefore, anytime you see a televised trial for murder, you should know it is fake. Basically, cameras are allowed in the courtroom in these events because the CIA allows it, and the CIA is above the law. The statutes only apply to real trials. The laws say nothing about trials that are faked by the CIA. If you want to see the mainstream misdirection on this subject, I recommend the Wikipedia page on courtroom broadcasting. Here is what it says:

Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 53 states, “Except as otherwise provided by a statute or these rules, the court must not permit the taking of photographs in the courtroom during judicial proceedings or the broadcasting of judicial proceedings from the courtroom.”[4] However, some federal courtrooms experimented with cameras from 1991 to 1994. [5]

They experimented with it on whose authority? They forget to tell you that, don’t they? To overturn this Federal Rule would require a new statute, voted on by Congress. Did that happen? No. If you take footnote 5 above, it takes you to a broken link at Pew Charitable Trusts, which is yet another red flag.

You are supposed to be taken to page that tells you something about cameras in courtrooms, but you are taken instead to a page about emails. And besides, the Pew Trusts are another big fake NGO fronting all the same billionaires and fascists. I won’t have time to get into that here, but just be advised.

I will be told that these rules are federal, but Simpson was tried in California Superior Court, which is a state court. Still, state procedures are also statutory, which means they cannot be changed at someone’s whim. If California was “experimenting” with televised court proceedings, it had to change the statutes in legal ways. It couldn’t just ignore them because Governor Pete Wilson said it was OK or something. In fact, Wilson was against televising trials, including the Simpson trial:

Immediately after that trial, California Governor Pete Wilson announced his opposition to televised trials, and he later asked the Judicial Council to consider re-instituting the ban on film and electronic media coverage of criminal trials.

Of course that begs the question of how and when the ban was overturned, and by whom Onlineresearch indicates the ban was re-instituted in 1997, but discovering the rules in 1994 is not so easy. The website of the California courts tell us an experimental rule was adopted in 1984 allowing broadcast of court proceedings, but again they forget to tell us who adopted this rule and by what statutory method. A “Special Committee on Courts and the Media” doesn’t have the legal authority to adopt such an important rule. Since to amend the Federal Rules of Court proceedings requires Congressional action, as we have seen in the attempt to pass a Sunshine Act, we must assume as similar procedure would be necessary at the state level. Did the California legislature amend the state rules in 1984? Well, the bill search at only goes back to 1993.

Further research takes us to a paper by the North Carolina Broadcasters Association, which is obviously not an impartial party in this question. They tell us that in North Carolina it was the State Supreme Court that allowed broadcasting from courts. Curious that this conflicts with the federal method of amendment, which would appear to require Congressional action. If the Federal Rules of Court were made and changed by the US Supreme Court, then why is the US Congress trying to pass a Sunshine Act to allow broadcasting in federal courts? It seems that the authority would either reside in one body or the other, but not both. Since the US Congress is in fact introducing bills on this issue, and since the US Supreme Court is not arguing one way or the other about the issue, we must assume the authority belongs to the US Congress. If so, then the authority in states should also belong to the state legislatures, not to the state supreme courts. The whole question seems unnecessarily complicated and hidden, which leads me to be suspicious. I suspect California never legally amended any rules concerning broadcast, and that it was allowed only by the Intelligence agencies and their masters who actually run the country and all states. Everyone should know by now that legislatures are basically defunct and obsolete, retaining no real power. All they do is rubberstamp bills forced on them by the military, by Intelligence, and by major companies.

But regardless of how these rules changes came about, broadcasting from court is a terrible idea. Anyone can see that. Anyone can see that Intelligence wishes to broadcast court proceedings for one reason and one reason only: to better propagandize America. They decided it was the only thing that limited them in older trials like the Manson family trials. Although they were able to create a circus there even without TV cameras in the courtroom, it was thought an even brighter and louder circus could be created by broadcasting all the clowns and sword swallowers in their full Technicolor glory.

We have already seen TV broadcasting conflicting with the fundamental procedures of trial. When dismissing the grand jury for the Simpson case, they admitted that excessive media coverage was prejudicing the jurors, making it impossible for them to be impartial and reasonable. Therefore, evenif Judge Ito had discretion to allow cameras in the courtroom, the logical thing for him to do would be to refuse them in. You don’t limit media intrusion by allowing them full access, do you? The trial contradicted all logical legal proceedings from the first day, so it is a mystery to me why anyone ever believed it was real.

We see the same problem in choice of venue. We are told Santa Monica—the locus of the alleged crime—was too hot for the grand jury, so it was dismissed. A change of venue was then requested based on excessive local media coverage. So they moved the trial to Los Angeles? How did that make any sense? We assume the prosecutors wanted a conviction, correct? So why would they allow the trial to move to Los Angeles, where they knew the jury pool would be less white than Santa Monica? Does the state of California—which we assume wants a conviction—move the trial to a place where it is less likely to get a conviction? And how is Los Angeles any less media saturated than Santa Monica? Are we supposed to believe there are fewer TV’s there, or fewer newsstands, or what? Clearly, the trial was moved to make a conviction less likely and easier to broadcast. I’m just surprised they didn’t change the venue to Universal City or Television City. That would have been the most convenient thing. For all we know they did, and just built a set to look like LA Superior Court.

Then we get the choice of Marcia Clark as lead prosecutor. Let’s see, Marcia Clark versus Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian, Gerald Uelmen, Robert Blasier, Carl Douglas, Barry Scheck, and Peter Neufeld. I wonder why she didn’t win?

You realize Marcia Clark wasn’t even the District Attorney. She was the Deputy DA. Deputy DA’s don’t normally prosecute major felonies. If they lead a prosecution, it is normally for misdemeanors. So where was the DA? Did he have something more important to do? Gil Garcetti was the LA County DA from 1992 to 2000. So where was he in 1994? Sabbatical? Leave of absence for shingles? “Silence”–   Gil Garcetti (A former Los Angeles County district attorney who served during O.J. Simpson’s trial)

Clark is said to have compiled 19 consecutive murder convictions, but I found no evidence to back that record up. As just one example, tells us that she convicted a Christopher Johnson in 1991. I found nothing on that. That is the same year she is supposed to have convicted Robert John Bardo of murdering actress Rebecca Schaeffer. Unfortunately, that conviction is also suspicious, since it was achieved in a bench trial. That is, with no jury trial. That is next to impossible, since a jury trial is required for all first-degree murder convictions. Bardo would have to waive his right to a jury trial, which he wouldn’t do unless he were insane. If he were insane, his attorney would never allow him to plead or waive. This is a huge red flag, and indicates that the entire story about Schaeffer’s death was also faked.

We have more proof of that if we take the link to Ironwood prison, where Bardo is supposed to be serving a life sentence. The names don’t match. The man convicted is named Robert John Bardo. The name in the computer at Ironwood is Robert Allen Bardo. You will say, “Close enough,” but that isn’t how it works. To see what I mean, remember we found a John Stewart Kennedy above, the billionaire from the Jekyll Island group. Well, we also know of a John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Are you going to tell me that is close enough: they are the same person? Middle names don’t count? We have even more red flags in the Bardo case: His public defender didn’t even enter a plea in the trial, because we are told he was “in protest of Bardo’s surprise extradition” from Arizona. This same defender filed pleadings in the wrong Arizona court in fighting that extradition. Given these major blunders, why didn’t Bardo ever appeal? And for the cherry on top, Bardo was said to have been carrying The Catcher in the Rye when he murdered Schaeffer. Salinger must have really pissed off the CIA somehow, is all I can say, probably by refusing to continue working for them. So they planted his book in all their fake events, trying to smear him by association with all these alleged murderers and psychos.

You should also know that Marcia Clark “retired” right after the Simpson verdict, being paid $4.2 million for a book contract. She then became a commentator for Entertainment Tonight. This is not the normal career arc of a prosecutor.

Here are some pictures of Clark. The first two are from the trial in 1995. Then we get one from 2009, and finally one from 2011 (her Wikipedia photo). See anything strange? She’s 40 in the first two, 56 in the third, and 58 in the last one. You will say she just got better plastic surgery and fattened up a bit, but they can’t replace all the skin and underlying flesh on your face and neck, shorten your neck, and change all the measurements of your skull. Pic three is about the best they can do. Pic 4 is impossible. That simply isn’t the same lady as the lady in the trial.

If you don’t yet believe strangeness is afoot here, let’s compare a couple more:

That first picture is recent and may actually be her. At least we get the big round eyes. Do you really think those two women are the same person? The mole isn’t even the same size. Speaking of which, you can remove moles, you know. Why would Marcia have hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery—apparently many rounds of it—and leave that huge mole sitting there? I would suggest the real Marcia Clark hasn’t had that much surgery. But we have at least one body double—and probably more—who have had considerably more surgery to look like Clark. They just add the mole in later.

But if we stick with pic 3, I can make a larger point here than any point about the abilities of plastic surgeons. It is actresses that get year after year of plastic surgery, not prosecuting attorneys. I suggest Marcia Clark was never an attorney; or if she was, she was an unknown attorney with almost no record and some experience as an actress (see below). Intelligence created a background for her, making up a past and forging a record of other fake trials, like the Bardo bench trial. This is why the real DA in Los Angeles wasn’t involved in the trial: it was fake. He had real work to do with real trials. Marcia didn’t because she wasn’t really a Deputy DA. They simply planted her in the DA’s office prior to the Simpson trial. This is why she had to “retire” after the trial. She wasn’t a real attorney and couldn’t very well begin working at the DA’s office. One, she wasn’t qualified to do so; two, they wouldn’t hire her; three, she had been promised acting jobs on TV and a book contract.

We will return to Clark, but for now, let’s move on to the jury.  Of twelve jurors, eight were black women. One was a black man. Two were white women. One was a hispanic man. Are we missing anyone? How about a white man? Not one. The jury was 83% female and 75% black. It was 83% non-white. Strange that they didn’t get a prosecution of a black man, right? We are told they moved the venue to LA, with some fearing this would increase the number of non-whites in the jury pool. But 83% non-white?

This jury was the blackest place in the US in 1995. Harlem wasn’t that black. They could have moved the trial to Harlem and gotten more whites on the jury. Really. Harlem is now only 40% black. In 1994 it was about 60% black. The percentage of blacks in the US is about 13%, and in California only 6%. In LA the percentage is about 9%. So the Simpson jury was nine times less white than Los Angeles as a whole. Who thought this was a good way to get a conviction?

If you were prosecuting a black man, would this be the jury you would seat? We have been told that the prosecutors, including Clark, thought that black women would lean to conviction because they were women. What novel theory of human psychology was that based on? On the contrary, I would assume black women would have a soft spot for black men, and for an attractive black man most of all. That’s the way sex works, you know? So this is actually the worst possible jury you could seat. Even Vincent Bugliosi, the lead prosecutor from the Manson trial, has criticized Clark along these lines. However, Bugliosi is in no position to comment, for many reasons. One, I have shown that his event was faked as well. But his event was faked in the precise opposite way, with all the chips on the side of the prosecutors.

Manson had no defense. They didn’t call one witness. Manson wasn’t allowed to defend himself, either. When he was finally given a chance to speak at the end of the trial, the jury was removed from the courtroom. The Manson trial was even more of a joke than the Simpson trial, and that is saying a hell of a lot.

But it is strange that Bugliosi is about the only attorney pointing out legal discrepancies in the Simpson trial. Of course Bugliosi is doing it to misdirect you. He has been hired to misdirect for decades. But why aren’t any other lawyers pointing out all the legal anomalies here? All these red flags should have jumped out at any lawyer or student of the law. Have you ever read serious critiques of these trials by a lawyer? Have you ever had a lawyer friend whisper in your ear that all these trials were fake? I haven’t. We can understand why we wouldn’t see the critiques in the mainstream press: they wouldn’t print them. But why aren’t lawyers and law students talking? I suppose it must be because they all wish to get ahead, and blowing prominent stories isn’t the way to do that.

You see, Bugliosi is trying to make you think the trial was blown only because Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden were incompetent. This makes you think these prosecutors were real and that they were actually trying to get a conviction. But I have shown you that isn’t the case. Everything done by them, as well as by the judges and investigators, was done to guarantee an acquittal. The outcome was pre-determined. It was in the script.

Christopher Darden.. the loyer in case of OJ 

As more evidence of that, we can study Marcia Clark’s very odd statements during trial One of them has become infamous. As the Los Angeles Times admitted recently [June 13, 2014]: In an exchange during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, prosecutor Marcia Clark insisted to Judge Lance Ito that there were no legal precedents to the matter they were discussing.

“So if my Pepperdine law clerks found some …” Ito interrupted. “Did they? Criminal cases?” asked Clark, caught flat-footed. “And what did they say?”

This is the same Marcia Clark that told us had built an “enviable legal reputation.” So enviable that Judge Ito is simply toying with her? It is clear that Ito can’t even take the trial, or her, seriously. The writer at the LATimes even sends us to a youtube video showing the exchange, telling us the blunder is dissected in law school classrooms. Not from that video, it isn’t, since the video hasbeen removed by youtube censors. We have to wonder, do the “dissections” in law school classrooms ever get to the point of questioning if all this is real? Has a law student ever come to that conclusion? If not, I would send him or her to that page I linked above and just mentioned again. There we find these very curious facts:

Clark’s passion was drama: she studied ballet; took lead roles in high school plays; and later, as a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, briefly toured with a professional dance company. . . . [She married] Gabriel Horowitz, a flamboyant backgammon gambler known for his high-stakes hustling of celebrities. . . .In 1980, she married Gordon Clark, a computer engineer and an executive in the Church of Scientology, and took his name. Red flags popping up all over the place! Remember how we learned in my Manson paper that Susan Atkins and Lynette Fromm were also involved in drama in high school? All these people are actors.

How many prosecuting attorneys do you know or know of that were professional dancers? How many are married twice by the time they are 25, once to a backgammon hustler and once to a Scientology executive? Scientology is a CIA front. Marcia Clark has CIA markers all over her.

Here’s another clue. Clark is said to have gained the conviction of four gang members in the murder of Michelle Ann Boyd and Brian Harris in 1985. But she didn’t graduate from law school until 1979 and didn’t become a prosecutor until 1981. So we are supposed to believe that four years later she is leading the prosecution in a famous double murder? It doesn’t work that way. In fact, the LATimesn admitted that Harvey Giss was the prosecutor in the case. And if we study the case, we find more red flags popping up, including this stunner:

Over 900 mourners came to the funerals. Harris, an English student at California State University, Northridge, and Miss Boyd, a freshman psychology major at UCLA, were buried side by side at a cemetery in Westlake Village. That is from the LATimes, Oct. 11, 1985.

See a problem there? Harris and Boyd weren’t married. They were only “sweethearts.” Boyd was just 18, on her first day of class at UCLA. Let me ask you this: if you were 18—just graduated from high school—and you and your girlfriend were murdered, would your parents agree to bury you side by side? This isn’t a scene from Romeo and Juliet: this is real life. Your parents would want you in the family plot, not buried next to “that girl.” Would 900 people come to your funeral? I don’t really think so, not unless the CIA promoted the funerals.

We have looked at the prosecutor, now let’s look briefly at one of the defenders: Robert Kardashian. Red flags all over this guy, not the least of which is the subsequent fame of his family for doingnothing. You should ask where these people came from and why they are so famous.

The answer: because they are promoted by Intelligence. They are part of the current diversion. Robert was part of the diversion in 1994, since at the time he wasn’t even a practicing attorney. From the published records, we can’t figure out who he really was; but Wikipedia admits he hadn’t practiced law since the 1970’s. In 1973 he co-founded Radio and Records, a music trade publication that competed with Billboard. I assume it was a CIA front. In 1979 Kardashian sold it, but we aren’t told to whom. It ended up going to Westwood One in 1987, which was owned by Viacom (CBS). CBS has been run by Intelligence almost from the beginning. From 1979 to 1994, Kardashian’s history is a blank. All we can glean from the mainstream story is that he and OJ were friends, sometimes living together and often chasing women together. My guess is that Kardashian was Simpson’s handler during the trial, and probably during the years prior. In short, he was Simpson’s CIA liaison and Simpson’s brains. Due to his fame and his looks, Simpson was a very useful agent, but he was never known for his intelligence. Like many other famous personalities in the LA scene, Simpson needed a full-time handler. Remember how we saw Kris Kristofferson acting as liaison and brains for Janis Joplin in the late 1960’s in my paper on the Zodiac? Well, Kardashian provided the same service for Simpson.

MkUltra Programing


In the programming, colors and directions are used. Be prepared to find out that sometime programmers use their creative imaginations such as using the color “octarine,” or the direction “TURNWISE” or perhaps “WIDDERSHINS”. During the most fundament programming which is done via LSD trips in sensory deprivation tank to lay in foundations of the Alpha,
Beta, Delta, Ome and Theta programs, each programming memory will be given a code.

Where one popular programming deception takes place that the programmer knows ahead of time h to sequence his memory codes so that instance, the fifth memory is coded as trip, and strenuous methods are used to cover up the memories of the first four trips. The victim’s s mind will be told to forget the first four trips. The memory codes are deceptively designed to fool the deprogrammer and the victim alike. Part of the reason the programmer does this, is that they know that IF a therapist should stumble onto these first memories, the backup programming to protect these memories is so severe that the therapist will shatter the victim’s mind.

Backup programs such as Atom bombs and vegetable programming are
locked into place to protect the fundamental programs.


The Illuminati have refined the art of deception far beyond what the common man has imagined. The very life & liberty of humanity requires the unmasking of their deceptions. That is what this book is about. Honesty is a necessary ingredient for any society to function successfully. Deception has become a national pastime, starting with our business and political leaders and cascading down to the grass roots.

The deceptions of the Illuminati’s mind-control may be hidden, but in their wake they are leaving tidal waves of distrust that are destroying America. While the CIA pretend to have our nations best interest at heart, anyone who has seriously studied the consequences of deception on a society will tell you that deception will seriously damage any society until it collapses.

Lies seriously damage a community, because trust and honesty are essential to communication and productivity. Trust in some form is a foundation upon which humans build relationships. When trust is shattered human institutions collapse. If a person distrusts the words of another person, he will have difficulty also trusting that the person will treat him fairly, have his best interests at heart, and refrain from harming him. With such fears, an atmosphere of death is created that will eventually work to destroy or wear down the cooperation that people need. The millions of victims of total mind-control are stripped of all trust, and they quietly spread their fears and distrust on a subconscious level throughout society.

One problem about lies is that one lie will call for another and then another. It’s hard to keep lies single. They seem to want to breed more of their kind to protect themselves. Soon the liar becomes a victim of his own lies, trapped in a dishonest web that demands lots of energy to protect his false fronts. This is the sad fate that the intelligence agencies have painted themselves into. They must maintain groups that oversee their double-agents’ lies to insure that the lies that they have disseminated don’t contradict themselves. Finally, they have put out so much disinformation, they lose track of reality themselves.

Far from saving this nation, the intelligence agencies have spread the cancer of deception into all walks of life, so that this cancer is contaminating and killing anything of value in the United States. The soon-to-come death of this nation’s sovereignty, as well as the destruction of this nation’s morals are the results of this cancer. People who have attended high level Illuminati meetings were instructed in how the Illuminati plan to bring in the NWO Antichrist reign by making everything appear as if it has happened naturally. The Illuminati have decided to camouflage their actions with the creation of normalcy to avert any suspicions.

An example of something which appears to have happened naturally is the O.J. Simpson case, which was planned based on previous murder scenarios which had been successfully covered up. O.J. Simpson was a CIA mind-controlled slave, and the entire Simpson case was concocted as an elaborate effort to cause racial tensions. The Mishpucka, the CIA, the Mob and the Illuminati have all had their dirty hands involved in the entire affair. The entire affair reeks of manipulation and planning.

OJ Simpson is a total mind controlled slave aka programmed multiple. His mother worked at a state hospital and he was programmed. Watch the movie “Naked Gun” and you can see that the illuminati tell us the truth disguised as fiction all the time.

OK, so the trial was a sham. What about the murders themselves? Also a sham. As we did in the Manson event, we just have to study the photos.

It looks like the Moulage artist went a little overboard there. How did so much blood get tracked down the paving stones? Was Simpson supposed to have danced a half-hour jig down the walk afterwards? Here it is from the other side:

As with Sharon Tate’s death photo, this one looks faked, and for the same reason. This photo has enough resolution that we can see her skin tone. Lots of natural color. She is alive. A corpse that had lost all its blood would not look like that.

This photo also reminds us of Cheri Jo Bates from the Zodiac events. The hair is over the face in the same way, to prevent any sort of identification. It also prevents us from seeing the wound, as well as from seeing her expression. Like Sharon, she may be smiling under there.

The way her legs are fashionably arrayed is also curious. It is convenient that someone with her throat gashed out would manage to fall into this lovely fluid pose, like in a studio art drawing class. Then we come to the case of her feet. See how they go under the railing?

Some one collapsing in her death throes would be very unlikely to fall into that position. It would take some intent to get your feet to go so neatly into that gap, keeping your knees so deftly together and your skirt from going up above your waist. Although wearing almost nothing and having no straps on her dress, she managed to fight with Simpson for some moments, fall, thrash around squirting blood twenty feet away, and yet still never show the tiniest part of her breasts. Miraculous, really.

Now study the blood. The pattern makes no sense. It is far too symmetrical. Even if Nicole had walked backward for many feet before collapsing, the pattern would be much more random. As it is, we can almost see the Moulage artist dripping it from the bag in those little x-patterns.

Speaking of blood, I guess you remember that “Detective Phillip Vanatter had compromised the prosecution’s position when he foolishly transported a vial of Simpson’s blood to a criminalist already at the crime scene sifting through the evidence.” That quote is from a recent All Things

Crime article [June 12, 2014], still trying to spin you on this event. The author there, Clarence Walker, says that Buccal swabbing would have led to a slamdunk conviction of Simpson if the trial were rerun now. But that is to ignore everything we have looked at above. We have seen that no forensic evidence would have made any difference to a jury of eight black women, especially when both the defense and prosecution were hired to guarantee an acquittal. Walker also waltzes by the obvious here for the millionth time: the prosecution was caught taking Simpson’s blood to the crimescene. Could that be any more stupid or illegal? What’s more, the defense found out about it. How could the defense find out about it? In real life, these things don’t happen. The fact that this came out in trial is just one more indication the whole thing was a set-up. The “mistakes” of the prosecution weren’t mistakes: they were part of the script.

Another photo of Nicole all over the internet is this one:

Some have tagged that as from the murder, while others have tagged it from earlier abuse. But we have no proof it is from either. What we do know is that it is from the same set of photos as this photo:

So again, as with Sharon Tate’s photos, they have cheated and redded up the first one, to make it look much worse. That is a red flag by itself. If the real photo showed what it is said to show, you shouldn’t need to manipulate it. The first photo was originally black and white, but they took it into Photoshop and made it red all over. They also jerked with the contrast, to increase all the anomalies. But by studying the second one, we see almost nothing. Actually, we can’t tell what we are seeing, due to the lack of focus and resolution. She could be showing off her bruises, or she could be showing how someone spilled coffee on her. It is impossible to tell. Regardless, those photos aren’t proof of anything, even minor battery. And now that her eyes are open, you can tell the photos aren’t from the murder scene.

Here’s another one reproduced all over the web as proof of battery:

But that is clearly faked. It is from the same set as this photo:

See how she is wearing the same grey dress, with the exact same hair, in a black background? But we have even more weirdness, since another supposed to be from that set is this one:

Do you see it? That is a man! Look at the five o’clock shadow. Look how wide the neck is. I am not saying Nicole Brown was a man. No, it looks to me like this photo is a composite, with a man’s lower face pasted into a photo of Nicole. The photo fakers at the CIA or wherever are messing with us again. They are laughing because Nicole does have a strong square chin. So they have pasted a man’s lower face in here, to see if anyone notices. That photo was a test. There are more tests below. Let’s look at a couple more:

That’s almost the same pose as before, but you can see that it is not only Nicole’s face that has been tampered with, it is the entire photo. The whole thing is a paste-up. Look at the line between his face and her hair. That’s really amateurish. This photo isn’t convincing either:

That is supposed to be her wedding photo, I guess, but you normally take a wedding photo with the groom in the picture. She looks too mannish there and too old. I would say the photo is a fake. I don’t think that is Nicole at all.

More research on Nicole pulls up more interesting facts. Did you know her father was a captain in the Air Force? Did you know he died recently? [July 5, 2014] Did you know he had Alzhiemer’s near the end, and died believing Nicole was still alive? Did you know that the article at Websleuths reporting that has been removed?

Did you know that Nicole has a sister Denise Brown who looks just like her?

Strangely enough, there are no pictures of Denise Brown from the 1990’s or before. All pictures of Denise Brown show her looking about 45 to 55, which would be Nicole’s age today. There is one photo claimed to be of the sisters together.That is faked. The shadows don’t match. Look closely at the laugh lines (the lines running from nose to mouth). Why would one sister have darker lines than the other, in the same light? Or look at the tongues. The right tongue is mostly greys. The left tongue has a dark shadow in the middle and is white to the left. That white line to the left conflicts with the white line on the right side of the right sister. See how she is lit from the right? There is a white line on the bottom of her chin and a white highlight running all along her right side. Or look at the insides of the two mouths. See how the left sister has a darker black inside her mouth? That is called shadow analysis. It can’t be darker in one mouth than in the other, can it? Even the skin tones don’t match. You have to look very closely, but the right sister has slightly warmer greys than the left sister. Try this: save that photo to Photoshop. Cut the sisters apart into two photos. Then put each part through a color analysis. They won’t match. This indicates the two heads were pasted together. That is the way professionals analyze photos like this. This photo is actually a pretty good fake, but it is still fake.

[Addendum, February 2016: Here’s another one, sent to me by a reader:

Wow, what an awful fake! Compare Nicole to the woman on the far right. Why is Nicole so much smaller? And why is Denise in a different light than everyone else? See how dark she is? She is also blurrier. Look at the shadows on her cheeks. This is just pathetic. That is a tip-off, and leads us to do a side by side on Nicole and Denise:

Looks like the same woman to me, at age 30 and then at age 50. She just dyes her hair dark brown now instead of being a fake blonde. The nose is the giveaway. Study the end of the nose and the nostril.

Still, I admit that comparison is inconclusive, since the pic of Nicole has been heavily retouched in studio. So let’s do another comparison:

Yes, I had to work to find two photos from the same angle, so that we can really make a good comparison of all the facial lines. Note the right cheek line (edge of the face to your right). If I were drawing a portrait of this woman from these photos, that is where I would start. An artist starts with the outline of the face. As you can see, that line matches. The outline of her face is the same. Then note the exact match on the nose All the lines match, including the length of the nose, the curve at the bottom, the nostril holes, and the curve outside the nostril. Note the smile lines around the mouth, especially those long lines on the right side of the mouth, toward the edge of the face. Note the curve of the left cheek. Even the highlight on the cheek hits on the exact same spot, which indicates we have not only the same woman but the same woman in the same light. I got lucky there, since the odds of finding her at the same angle with the same smile in the same light twenty years apart are very low. Note the teeth, which all match. There is simply no doubt this is the same woman. All she had to do to fool you is change the color of her hair and her first name She didn’t even have to change her lastname.

Some will tell me Nicole and Denise must have been twins. Not according to the story we are told. According to that story, they were born about a year and a half apart. But even twins at fifty don’t match this closely. Twins live different lives, and their lives imprint differently on their faces. The match above is so precise, it would be better than most twins.

Case solved. They faked Nicole’s death and she lived on as her faux-sister Denise. Denise is really Nicole. If you have read my paper on Sharon Tate, you will remember they did the same thing with Sharon and her faux-sister Patti. Since there are a lot of pictures of Denise on the internet (actually more than of Nicole), it was a lot easier to prove Denise was Nicole than to prove Patti was Sharon. But since the photographic evidence above is so strong, it actually serves to strengthen my claims about Sharon and Patti. If they did it with Nicole and Denise, why should you doubt they would do it with Sharon and Patti? Some have told me that Patti couldn’t be Sharon, because if she were she would never be seen on TV. But Denise is on TV all the time. These people are incredibly bold, because they have no respect for your intelligence. I assume most top people in Hollywood know Denise is Nicole and that therefore the whole Simpson trial was a charade, which explains a lot of things. For a start, it explains why so many top actors go through a crisis, ending up at Betty Ford or something. Think Chevy Chase, Matthew Perry, Robert Downey, Jr., Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins, and literally hundreds of others. At some point they find out what they are really a part of, and not all of them are happy about it.

If you think my facial analysis sounds like several guys on the internet (WellAware1, DallasGoldBug etc.) now doing ear analysis and saying a lot of people are doubles, I encourage you to compare their analyses to mine. They are claiming everyone is everyone else, based on ridiculous matches that don’t even match. They are doing this to muddy the waters, so that you don’t take me seriously. They saw me coming and rushed all these fake matches into print and onto youtube, to confuse you. But again, I encourage you to compare their claims of a match to mine. I am not saying Jimmy Carter is the same guy as JFK, or something like that, am I, based on an earlobe that doesn’t match. I mean, just look at the match above. Have those guys ever shown you anything that approached that? Have they ever backed it up with a complete theory that actually made sense? No.

You may also want to remind yourself that I am a top portrait and figure painter. I can see faces better than most people. As an artist, I notice things other people don’t, not only about faces and bodies, but about everything else physical as well.

I could quit there, but we will look quickly at Ronald Goldman before I sum up.

That photo is tagged by the Associated Press:

In this Feb. 5, 1997 fle photo, Fred Goldman and his wife, Patti, sit quietly at the grave of their son Ronald Goldman in Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village, Calif.

The problem? Patti isn’t Ronald’s mother. In other places, the mainstream tells us his mother is Sharon Rufo. Wikipedia tells us that is her maiden name. The problem? It isn’t. Rufo is the last name of her husband after Fred Goldman She got a court order* against Stephen Rufo in 1997 for battery. This is how much the mainstream press cares about accuracy in this event.

This leads us to ask, where are the bios for these people? Who are Fred Goldman and Sharon Rufo? What is her real maiden name? What did Fred do for a living before he became rich from this fake event? What was he doing in Chicago before coming to LA (I suspect Navy)? What was he doing in LA (I suspect military intelligence)? Why has all information about these people been scrubbed?

In 1998, the LATimes told us Fred left a job of 30 years in sales in 1996. Sales? That could mean anything or nothing. If he worked for a company, tell us what company. If he sold used books privately, tell us that. These dodges like “sales” are just more red flags.

That’s the only photo we get of Ronald Goldman. You can’t tell much from that, including an identification. However, we once again get many anomalies. He was said to have been stabbed in the right torso, which conveniently can’t be seen here. What can be seen doesn’t corroborate that. First, there is no pool of blood leaking from that lower torso. The blood would be streaming near his visible hand, and we don’t see that. Remember how Nicole supposedly streamed blood halfway down to the street? But Ronald’s blood stays in his body, I guess. Even more curious is that the torso wounds are supposed to be on the right side, but it is his left pants leg that has all the blood on it. How did right torso wounds manage to soak the left pants leg? The blood on that pants leg also looks strange, since it doesn’t seem to move down the leg. Say that leg had been soaked somehow by blood dripping down from his left side neck wounds, while he was still standing. Well, the lines of blood would mainly go from high to low, due to gravity. But what we see are lines that go from side to side, as if someone is dripping blood on him after he has already lain down in that position.

In conclusion, we see that both the murders and the trial were faked. To what ends? I have already shown several, including planned promotion for Frogmen (which didn’t happen) and further erosion of the Constitutionvia destruction of the 4th Amendment (which did happen). We also saw the creation of fake precedent in fake events by fake judges, further eroding the legal system as a whole. We saw the creation of racial tension, to keep blacks and whites looking suspiciously at one another instead of at bankers or other billionaires. But the main end of this event was misdirection. There were a lot of things going on in 1994-95 that they wanted to keep your eyes off. They manufacture big events to keep your eyes off the real history happening just beyond your line of sight. If they can keep you watching this circus for more than a year (June 17, 1994 to October 2, 1995), you will have missed all of their real crimes during that time.

Here is just a short list of much more important events that were happening in those sixteen months.

In January of 1994, NAFTA had been signed into law, and by the summer of that year the negative aspects of that agreement were already being seen in the US, with the loss of more jobs and the outsourcing of American jobs to Mexico. In the same way,

GATT was being updated in the World Trade Organization in 1994, with the new provisions kicking in in 1995. These provisions mainly took control of trade out of the hands of localities and countries and gave them to multinational corporations and their “global” puppet organizations. This had the same negative effect as NAFTA, except the damage wasn’t limited to North America. Both NAFTA and GATT laid the groundwork for the forcing of genetically modified crops on the entire Western World, among other crimes against farming and humanity. In the summer of 1994, genetically modified foods were first approved, and although this is not normally linked to NAFTA or GATT or the WTO, the timing was not an accident.

And that just gets us started. On May 6, 1994, Paula Jones filed suit against Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. Also in May, the Whitewater investigation was building steam. Fiske delivered a subpoena to the Clintons in that month, and by August Kenneth Starr’s investigation had begun. I suspect this was the proximate cause of the Simpson event. Things had been seriously unraveling for the Clintons since the first of the year, and they desperately needed to divert attention away from the proceedings in Congress.

But there were many other events to bury. On the very day Simpson allegedly murdered Nicole, June 13, the jury in Alaska OK’ed the lawsuit against Exxon for the Valdez disaster.

Also in June, JPMorgan bankers were creating the derivatives market, the market that would ultimately lead to the financial collapse of 2007—a collapse that is still accelerating. –

In September of 1994, Clinton signed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and of course the passing of that by Congress was helped by the publicity surrounding the Simpson case that summer, despite the fact that Simpson is said to have used a knife.

Still more. In February of 1994, a US jet shot down four Serbian jets in the Banja Luka incident. This effectively brought the US into the war there, despite the fact that we continued to hide behind NATO. Very few of those watching the Simpson trials knew that the US was involved in a major war in central Europe in 1994-95. The Clinton administration didn’t want the public following the Bosnian War because it didn’t want us to know why we were there. Obviously, we were there to assert US interests, not peace or protection of innocents.

What were those interests? Financial. The banks and investment groups (and their subsidiaries) that rule the world had plans for that part of Europe, and Serbia wasn’t obeying fast enough. As is still happening occasionally in parts of Eastern Europe, some local leaders were resisting the banks, the oil companies, the drug companies, or the food companies like Monsanto. This is not tolerated, and those entities find some excuse to send in the military.

We saw the same thing in Africa, with Rwanda and Sudan. Rwanda was basically taken over by US business interests in the 1990’s, although no one on either side ever tells you that. They also don’t tell you what those interests are, although I assume they are mineral. I assume we have taken over the country via our man Kagame in order to mine coltan and other minerals. That was happening in 1994, and we even touched off a genocide there to help lay our tracks.** In the same way, we took over Sudan, although that was mainly for oil. They weren’t playing along fast enough in the mid-90’s, and Clinton finally bombed them in 1998, claiming it was for harboring terrorists.

All these things were happening in 1994-95, while you were watching Simpson drive around in a white truck and try on bloody gloves. While the real world passed you by, you were living in the MATRIX.


The Holy Spirit moved an apostle to write, “We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices.” Christ warned his disciples to “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” The Israelites sent out spies before entering the promised land. Within the text of The Art of War by Sun-Tzu (a book studied today by men in intelligence), he discusses “hidden provocation agents” in Book 13.

Sun-Tzu was born in 534 B.C. and lived most likely until after the year 453 B.C. In 500 B.C., some men were farmers, and some were agent provocateurs. Today, both occupations still exist. The modern American farmer is vastly superior to the ancient farmer of 500 B.C., so how does the modern agent provocateur compare? He is vastly superior also. It appears the Word of God is accurate, for it warns that God’s people will be destroyed for lack of knowledge.

The difficulty in obtaining honest information in today’s Big Brother world is aptly described by an intelligence asset over the Internet, “If you are lucky and work hard, you will find some of the truth. If you are lucky and work REALLY hard, you might find the WHOLE truth… as someone wants you to know it. If you are PHENOMENALLY lucky and really work your tail off, you might even go on to find the REAL truth. But no outsiders… and in fact, very few insiders ever … EVER … learn the WHOLE REAL truth.”

This book & our two previous books on mind-control) are the result of extremely hard work and numerous miracles of God, and what non- Christians would call lots of luck”. The story behind the books is amazing. This book’s two authors have had to “swim upstream” for years in search for the real truth. One thing is very clear to this author, during the last seven years of exposing the NWO almost every person who is believed to be a leader against the NWO has tried to impede the work this author has been doing. People need to be aware that the New World Order created their own opposition long before some of us began sincerely trying to expose it. This author’s informed opinion is that essentially all (about 98% of the people leading the opposition to the NWO are double agents), and no less than 50% of the therapists are double-agents. In this state, this author knows as a fact that 50% of the licensed therapists working with programmed DID patients are programmed DID (MPD) slaves themselves. Recently, one of the therapists in this area, who the False Memory “Spin”-drome & the Illuminati took down, was a therapist who had also been on a local T.V. talk show revealing that she was a multiple & a SRA victim.


“A Force” was MI-6’s group that carried out deception. They would have their double agents pass out CHICKEN FEED (which is what they call classified information that can be thrown out to the public) to establish their double-agents’ credentials (BONA FIDES) as agents against the British. Today, there are numerous anti-NWO people who are actually double agents. They are distributing chicken feed to make people think they are legitimate. By the way, it is interesting to note for those who realize how important carousels are to programming that MI-6 (HO in Vauxhall Cross, Eng., with a training ctr. at Ft. Monckton, near Gosport, so. Eng.) is nicknamed (actually its cryptonym) “Carousel” by its daughter organization Mossad (officially aka Central Intelligence Collection Agency). An example of a double-agent who is popular among Christians is an Illuminati witch named Gretchen Passantino, who tours around to Christian conferences belittling the idea of mind-control. Dr. Loreda Fox reports in The Spiritual and Clinical Dimensions of MPD that 74% of women abused by SRA come from “Christian homes.” The Christian churches are heavily infiltrated.


In the Vol. 2 book a number of references were made to sleeper agents. The idea of placing someone somewhere in society and letting them lead a normal life for years without ever being used is designed to provide a legitimate smokescreen about what they are all about. Mind-controlled slaves make excellent sleepers. The concept of making sleeper agents in not a secret. The CIA has publicly admitted that they tried to discover long-range sleeper agents in the Los Ninios children of Republican Spain who were the descendants of communist Spaniards who returned to Spain in the 1950’s. They also have admitted to having tried to weed out long range sleepers in the Trebizond Greeks who lived near the USSR in Turkey and returned in the 1950’s to Greece. As the CIA and KGB mirror-imaged each other in their manufactured Hegelian Dialectic mock dual (which was very real for the “little” person) you can well imagine that the CIA sent sleeper agents against the KGB.


The intelligence agencies have their own lingo for the types of disinformation agents they send against everyone else. So far, we have named only double & sleeper agents. Here are some of their disinformation agents:

AGENT OF INFLUENCE— These agents can be unwitting, under mind- control, or ideologically motivated to use their positions of influence to sway the minds of others. Examples of Agents of Influence are anchor men on T.V., journalists, labor leaders, TV commentators, academics quoted by the media, & some politicians.

CONFUSION AGENT— An agent whose job is to produce confusion by disseminating confounding information.

CONTRACT AGENT— These are the rogue agents, such as the mob, who the CIA get to do particular jobs on contract. Their connections can be denied.

DEEP COVER AGENT— A sleeper agent (often a programmed multiple or person with mind-control programming) who has been a long term sleeper agent.

DISINFORMATION AGENT— This is a highly placed agent who passes disinformation to other governments.

NOTIONAL AGENT— A fictitious non-existent “agent” which is created with a real-looking identity to mislead.

PROVOCATION AGENT— An agent sent in to provoke & destabilize the target group to do foolish things.

SPOON-FEEDER AGENT— Someone who dribbles out legitimate information, this is often done to build up a person’s credentials (bona fides). Lots of the people who are pretending to expose the NWO are spoon-feeder agents who provide a little new information, tons of already known secrets, and sprinkle in a measure of disinformation for added fun. Generally spoon- feeders increase their percentage of disinformation once they gain respectability. There are very few people really exposing anything of consequence about the NWO. This author has endured the loss of several of the really legitimate whistle blowers who were friends being assassinated since he began writing exposes.

What this means is that agents for groups that do mind-control may: have been sleepers for many years and look very legitimately innocent, they may give good correct information to our side, they may say all the right things and try to get us motivated to do more than we would want, they may talk about other friends who are giving them information who do not even exist. It takes discernment to spot people who are not on our side. Unfortunately, such discernment seems to be fundamentally lacking within the public at large. For instance, I have seen people choose obvious NWO agents over this author as a source of “information” (which is in reality disinformation). Most people have bought so much disinformation during their lifetime, perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect them to purge out all the junk they’ve accepted. Just as people in the world need to toss out their worldly thinking, people in the church need to toss out all the indoctrination they’ve gotten from the numerous kinds of harlot churches.

At the moment, the system is set up so that the perpetrators of the mind-control are in control of the credentialing process, so that they can provide their stooges/and agents with the best credentials. As the reader can see, the roots of power behind the mind-control go deep.


One trick (or variations of it) that has been used with suspects is to arrest them, place the suspect in a situation where the police are in two groups—one group looks like police, the other group looks like the group the suspect has come from. After the suspect arrives, the group pretending to be arrested group members, overpowers the police contingent and escapes to another setting where another police group pretending to be even more of the suspect’s group ask him who he is and to explain his credentials. Letting his guard down, the original suspect explains what he is all about, thereby giving them the information they needed in the first place. Variations of this script can be run. English intelligence calls this basic script CACKLEBLADDER because chicken blood is used on the police actors that are overpowered to make them look injured.


refers to pretexts used by agents to get interviews. DANGLE is the craft word for luring a victim into a provocation. A dangle operation would be an operation to provoke a group or individual into a particular action. This was done with Elohim City and many other groups that the NWO is trying to set up as patsies.


Agents use BLEEP-BOXES to tap telephones and in other instances to make free-of-cost telephone calls. A CABMAN is a device to remotely activate a telephone with a radio beam. It can be used without entering the building where the telephone is located.


The use of masks in the occult world is ancient. For centuries, the gypsies have used them for their hypnotic powers. Special healing masks for their people are kept secret and never shown to the public. Masks have a shock value & fascination value. Gypsy and other occult groups have special rituals to create the masks, including using hair clippings from the person who will wear the mask ( Gypsy healing masks are destroyed after the patient gets well.

Illuminati programming masks may or may not be destroyed after their use. The Illuminati’s mask-making abilities (according to deprogrammed victims of their mind-control) are very high quality. Sometimes the programmers simply wear halloween cartoon character masks that anyone can obtain, to fulfill their role in the programming script that they are involved in during the time.


Some beginners who have just started into studying the World Order question why the Illuminati would use legitimate religious covers. Why would the Illuminati want to create a slave who is an evangelist? Why? Because those new converts will go to some establishment church where other programmed multiples in leadership positions will demand obedience
(and then support those demands by quoting scriptures that make them seem like they are God’s authority over that new convert. Because the evangelist or missionary and the bishop or pastor are controlled puppets, the convert will never get the full truth, just enough truth to keep him working hard for their organization. Even though the convert “got God in my life”, the Illuminati never lose control over him.

The Christians have as much vested interest in preventing the exposure of the Illuminati programmed multiples who are big name Christian ministers running Christendom, as the Illuminati has. Imagine what would happen if the world found out that most of Christianity was run by the human-sacrificing, slave-making Illuminati? This is one of the sad effects of the

Perhaps the subject of covers can be explained from another angle. The reader knows that the elite like monopolies. They play monopoly for real— for us it’s only a board game! To establish a monopoly, you find a good product that everyone wants or needs, and then you eliminate all the competition by either destroying them, or owning the competition yourself.

In the U.S., the Illuminati can’t have a one-religion monopoly. In Russia, they had communism with Marx, and Lenin as the Father God and Gon the son figure. Communism had a monopoly on worship. In the U.S., they have established a monopoly by controlling all the various religious groups. (This author wrote an 800 page heavily documented book Be Wise As Serpents to show the details of how this is done.)

It’s not a matter of what they teach, it’s a matter of control, so that the elite have a monopoly. And when you, as a mover & shaker in the world, control all these various religions via money, blackmail, & programmed multiples under your leadership, etc. which religion would you pick to emphasize the most? You will pick the one that sells the best, i.e. the best product. And which brand of Christianity will sell the best? The televised charismatic brand will sell the best.

Covers that slaves use to explain what they do in life are almost always “legitimate”. Amissionary, a military officer, a salesperson, etc. will usually actually do their cover job most of the time. Their cover is their occupation, their service as a mind-controlled slave is almost an unwitting avocation. Organizations are used as covers. The Illuminati use military, social,
intelligence, education, banking and other organizations as covers. (See my Be Wise As Serpents book for many of these.) Moriah’s front organizations, such as the CIA, in turn use other organizations. Here is just a sampling of CIA fronts, to show the variety of fronts used:

Asia Foundation was an academic organization created by the CIA.

Castle Bank & Trust Co. has been a bank in the Caribbean that is a CIA front.

Forum World Features has been a front created for CIA propaganda purposes and based in London, UK.

Geschicter Foundation for Medical Research (as well as the Josiah Macy Foundation) was used as an intelligence front to launder money used for mind-control.

• Air-Sea Forwarders, Inc. was the legal corporation name of a CIA front in North Hollywood, CA. The company was involved in moving freight. In the last few years, this corporation sued E-Systems, the company which builds the CIA and the NWO’s electronic systems such as their communications satellites. In court, the company proved that it was a CIA front, in spite of CIA denials.

As this chapter provides information about some of the Illuminati/ intelligence connections to Hollywood, bear in mind that this CIA front was proven in court to be a CIA front in Hollywood. A feat that rarely occurs



For years, I have heard many Americans say that something is terribly wrong in this country & that things are “going to pot”, and yet Americans can’t put their finger on what exactly is wrong. When I first began to receive reports from victims of Illuminati mind-control about Disney’s involvement in their mind-control, I kept an open ear, but I wanted some tangible proof. After investigating for myself, there is now no doubt in my mind that Disney (the man, the movies & the entertainment parks) has been a major contributor to the demise of America, while maintaining a very well constructed front of wholesomeness.

In this chapter, you will learn why Disney is one of the best deceptions of the Illuminati. This author has read a good portion of what is available to the public concerning Disney. This expose is undoubtedly the deepest on Disney that has ever been done. Perhaps part of my motivation is that I’ve tired of Christians talking and acting like Disney stands for sainthood.

Christians, who should have known better, are some of the ones who have swallowed “hook, line and sinker” the enormous deception that entails Disney. They feed their children a steady diet of occultism and witchcraft because they have been programmed to think of Disney as wholesomeness and everything that is good about America. Many writers over the years have tried to expose Disney, most have been stopped before they could get their books published. The few authors who have managed have faced vicious attacks on their character & integrity, and have faced enormous struggles against public relations campaigns paid for by the Disneys. The Disney’s power, and the power behind them, has frightened most people away from challenging them. But someone needs to speak on behalf of the victims. Whether anyone listens or not, the victims will know that somebody cared enough to stand up & write the truth. Disney has not only left mind-control victims in its wake, but they have harassed land-owners, stolen employee idea’s and left all kinds of hurting victims in their path. Disney has risen to become the unquestionable largest media- entertainment conglomerate in the world, & was ranked company no. 48 in the top 500 companies by Forbes 500.

Finally, I will tie up a few loose ends. I started out by reminding you that Simpson was born in 1947.

Even now, you probably think that is just a coincidence. It isn’t. Since these events are manufactured from the ground up, almost nothing in them is a coincidence. They can choose their actors as well as their dates, and they do these things to signal eachother, play with numerology, and just to toy with your mind. Intelligence always liked Simpson because he was born in 1947. There were other reasons, of course, but that was one of them. Either they considered it a fortuitous event—like a saint being born on a feast day—or they actually changed his birth year in the records to match their numerology. Either way, it is a signal to a researcher like me.

In a similar way, they choose their event dates. The murders were alleged to have happened on June

  1. Exactly 23 years earlier, on June 13, 1971, the Pentagon Papers were published. This was another manufactured event used to bury real events, since Daniel Ellsberg was always a top spook. See my paper on Watergate for more on that.

Exactly 28 years earlier, the Miranda rights had been established. Intelligence probably saw it as a good joke to start a fake legal event on the anniversary of Miranda. What one man can set up, other men can tear down. June 13 was also the date of Lindbergh’s ticker tape parade and of the poet Yeats’ birthday. I have linked Yeats to Intelligence in recent papers, and we may look at Lindbergh in the future. Finally, June 13 is the feast day of St. Anthony, the saint of finding things or lost people. Just as running a fake event on the anniversary of Miranda was seen as a good joke, running it on the day of St. Anthony was seen as just the right sort of counter-magic. While St. Anthony was helping people find things, Intelligence was helping people hide things. No doubt they were laughing, saying “our magic is stronger!” Were they wrong?

I would like to dedicate this paper to St. Anthony.

*St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 4, 1997.

**Notice, for instance, that mainstream sources, including Wikipedia, tell you that the Hutus were powerful enough to order the slaughter of up to a million Tutsi, but in the next sentence the Tutsi “restart their offensive” and almost immediately take over the country. The Tutsi run the country to this day. Curious how the Tutsi are both so powerless

and so powerful at the same time.

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